How the Fashionable Shop

In honor of Fashion's Night Out, the Times asked some of the world's best shoppers — Vogue's various Editor-in-Chiefs — what they intend to buy and why they shop. Some highlights:

"What I love about shopping is that it fulfils different functions. Acquisition is such a small part of the experience. It’s the excitement of possibility that is the most enjoyable part — the idea that you are going to find treasure." — Alexandra Shulman, British Vogue

"For Vera [Wang], hitting the stores is about more than an act of acquisition. It’s one of self-invention and self-empowerment, no matter how small and inexpensive her purchase might be. It's Vera’s attitude that I’ll keep in mind when I do the rounds on September 10." — Anna Wintour, American Vogue

"I’ve never had a case of buyer’s remorse. The trick lies in really knowing your body, understanding what works, spending only what you can afford, and buying only what you love. A year ago, I saw a beautiful, sequined Abraham & Thakore coat and I had to have it. I am yet to wear it. But I know that the perfect time will come." — Priya Tanna, Indian Vogue

[via Times UK]

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