Bed Head

Obsessed with Kate Moss's beyond sexy hair in the new Topshop ads? Well, Fashionista is too. Gold star for whoever has the best advice on how to achieve the look.


Nylon chronicles some of the muses of the moment in their latest blog post. My favorite? The fabulous Alexa Chung, of course.


She Had It Coming

Lindsay tells the Times UK that she knew she'd be a target for her Ungaro collection. The gist:

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I didn't expect everyone to be completely loving the collection. It is the same with everything I have done. I knew that people were going to target me. I am a target. I don't know why I am, but I am, and I accept that."

Oh, Lindsay.

To Luxe or Not to Luxe?

We are apparently back to this notion of luxury shame, and apparently it's hurting the luxury market substantially. Thoughts?



I know I've been exhibiting an obsession with bows recently, but a life-long love is not easy to cure!! Donna Karan seems to agree with me, as she designed this gorgeous perfect-for-the-office-presentation-but-also-for-the-party-after outfit. The Bow Tie Wrap Jacket alone makes me want to die smiling.

Retailing for $1,495 at Saks.
(Rolled-Cuff pants are an additional $695.)


Fashion from the UES

Into the prep school scene? Well, the styles they are a-changin'. W Magazine reports that although Blair Waldorf headbands are here to stay, Upper East Side schools are overrun with neon Doc Martins, 80s blazers and pillbox hats. Yes, Jackie O style. Check the crazy interview out for yourself.


The Future of Fashion

Fashion heavyweights like Ashley Olsen, Isaac Mizrahi and fashion critic Robin Givhan gathered at the 92nd Street Y last night to discuss fashion in this time of economic peril and where it's heading next. The Cut did a great little round-up of the event, but here are some highlights:

Mizrahi: "I think that to be stylish you have to connect to something and love it."
Givhan: "I think [Michelle Obama] is a perfect example to them that you can incorporate fashion into your lives..."
Olsen: "For me, when I look at it as a celebrity brand, it's almost silly to me, because I'm not coming from a celebrity standpoint."


In Quotes

"Truthfully...it is hard to go wrong with black pumps. It really comes down to a two-step process. 1. Find a pair you love — the higher the heel, the better. 2. Wear them with everything!"
— stylist Rachel Zoe (in The Zoe Report) on a classic wardrobe staple



It's only mid-October, and my ears are already numb from the cold. I'm not one to pull off bold hats, but this Helen Kaminski Tashi Rollable Fur Felt Hat just makes me smile enough to try it. The pleat is extra adorable, isn't it?

Retailing for $245 at Bloomingdale's.


In Quotes

"I like to think that my style and the clothes I design are effortlessly elegant and sexy. I think the word effortless is very important. I think that that creates an ease and a confidence, because I think there's nothing more beautiful than a woman who's confident."
— legendary designer Diane von Furstenburg describing her own style in this month's Harper's Bazaar


Class of 2010?

Vanity Fair did a yearbook-style awarding of superlatives for the SS10 fashion show season. Definitely worth taking a look.

The Weather Outside is Frightening

The rapid temperature drop has made one thing very clear: it's time to start thinking of winter coats. Thankfully, Refinery 29 has compiled a list of this season's greatest hits. Check it out, and get ready to break out the scarves and mittens.

Crazy for Coco

The Coco Rocha ads for Zac Posen look unbelievable. A real vision in red.


All That Glitters

...is Natalia! Photographed here at the Gaia Repossi and Eugenie Niarchos party.

[via Style.com]


So Sartorial

Esquire UK did a fabulous little interview with The Sartorialist recently. The highlight:

ESQ: Who’s the best-dressed man in the world?
SS: “I never think about that. I’m interested in the idea of visual greed; I don’t care who a person is, what brands they’re wearing or whether I like their whole look. I’ll shoot just their particular collar and the way it works with their tie and pocket square. There’s a guy called Lino who has a store in Milan called Al Bazar, and he’s such a character, but I don’t want to be like him. I love the way he dresses, but in an abstract way.”


We all know I love ribbons and bows, and this Ranjana Khan Crystal-Bow Strap dress double the pleasure. An absolute must-have for the winter holiday party season.

Retailing for $1,275 at Bergdorf Goodman.


The Incredible Irving

As you may have heard, iconic photographer Irving Penn passed away this morning. The fashion world is sure to dearly miss him. If you want some background history, the New York Times obit is gorgeous and really does do him justice.

There Are No Words

[via The Cut]


The Wearability Factor

What's this? Fashion being wearable? Whoever heard of such nonsense? Apparently the New York Times has, and the Parisian deities like YSL and Chloe. I like to call it couture-meets-comfort. What a fabulous concept...

[via NYTimes]


In Quotes

"If you say to me, I've got a ticket to Paris, I want to be able to go now."
— Annabel Hodin on how she dresses

So Stella

As Stella McCartney's collection debuted yesterday on the Paris runway, the Guardian UK ran a story/interview with McCartney, discussing what it's like to live as a Beatle's child. Some highlights:

- "The beliefs I was raised with – to respect animals and to be aware of nature, to understand that we share this planet with other creatures – have had a huge impact on me."
- "What? They are heartless. They must be! Why on earth would they use fur and leather otherwise? There's no excuse for fur in this day and age. Baby kids are boiled alive. Foxes are anally electrocuted. If that's not heartless, what is?"
- "Wearable – it's almost a dirty word in fashion, wearable, but that's what I do."
- "The greatest luxury of having the parents I had was that it has enabled me not to have to compromise. In the back of my mind, I always knew – if this all goes horribly wrong, I'll be all right. That's an option that most people just don't have, financially."



Where would I wear this Marchesa masterpiece? I have no idea. And yes, I know it looks like a sea of plums. But I'm really in love with it.

Retailing for $6,820 at Neiman Marcus.


In Quotes

"You know how little girls draw princesses in beautiful dresses? I've never stopped."
— up-and-coming designer Caroline Seikaley, describing her collection in this month's Vogue