Razzle Dazzle

Sequined Converse: fabulous or heinous? I think they're great, though I'm not sure how I'd wear them.



It's a little Alice in Wonderland, a little Mad Hatter, but still a lot of simply fabulous. If you want to stand out in a crowd, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Runway Box Headband is perfect for you. Now off to Wonderland...

Retailing for $118 at Bloomingdale's.


My Favorite Pirate

I know he's not a fashion figure, but Johnny Depp is among my favorite actors and for a man, he's very fashion forward. Esquire did a great interview with him, so I figured I'd post some of the highlights:

- "My life is my life because of Tim [Burton]. Definitely."
- "Don't take any shit off anyone, ever. Eloquent and right."
- "My definition of freedom is simplicity, really. Anonymity."


House of Coco

Want to see Coco Rocha's home? It's prettttty awesome. In fact, I'm kind of jealous.



I feel like I'm always on the market for a gorgeous wallet, but none of them meet all the criteria. It's either too small, a weird color, not enough credit card slots, or too clunky to fit in a purse. This Tory Burch Suki Python-Embossed Leather one is just right. A chic wallet that also doubles as a fancy clutch? I'm sold.

Retailing for $275 at Bloomingdale's.


In Quotes

"Unless you have been living in northern Tibet or someplace equally remote, you know that models have distinct walks. For instance, if Carmen Kass were forced to walk with a bag over her head, you would know from the little shake of her bust, as well as the high knee step, that it was Carmen. Karlie Kloss, a new runway star, walks with a sort of campy sphinxlike motion of her head, accompanied by a glare. According to J, Coco Rocha, who walks quickly, with her chin tucked in, "looks like her nose is always running."
— Cathy Horyn profiling Miss J. Alexander for the New York Times


The New 'Rachel'

Everyone, including the New York Times, is obsessed with Blake Lively's hair. As if we didn't already know.


Mad for (Beige) Plaid

The Sartorialist did a long-term project for Burberry called "Art of the Trench." The results are up now, and it is nothing short of amaaaazing. I was seriously drooling while perusing, and you will be too.



Of course the designers are already teasing us with Resort Collections (just as we're approaching freezing temps, no less!), but the Cavalli Tropical Shirtdress is especially a killer. The light silk, the bold print... oh, I wish it were cruise time already!

Retailing for $1,095 at Bergdorf Goodman.

Too(s) Cool

The Sartorialist's profile of Amir Toos is absolutely awesome. Some highlights:

Q: Personal style quirk?
A: Always leave room for assumption!

Q: Never caught wearing?
A: Dress shirt with a tie, without the jacket, in public.

Q: Favorite Place to search for inspiration?
A: Manhattan Public Library.

In Quotes

"It's the same thing in me that makes me love fashion — I'm fascinated by colors and textures and layering things."
Gossip Girl star Blake Lively, on her love of interior decorating (and fashion!)



Rachel Zoe is obsessed with chunky YSL pumps, and frankly, I am too. This pair is covered (and dark colored) enough to justify winter wear and the 6-inch heel ensure you'll be a focal point in any crowd.

Retailing for $895 at Neiman Marcus.