What's in a Word?

NYMag's fashion blog, The Cut, asked designers to describe their upcoming Spring 2010 collections in a single word. Some highlights:
Jason Wu

Proenza Schouler

"American Beauty"
Tory Burch

Alexander Wang

Anna Sui




Cold weather will be here be here before you know it, and there's nothing better than a great coat to help you beat the winter blues. Try this amazing Red Valentino Bow-Neck jacket to stay warm and stand out when the clouds roll in.

Retailing for $1,090 at Saks.


In Quotes

"Lack of effort. Bad fit. And bad quality (Not to mention bad shoes.) The cargo shorts, T-shirt and flip-flop combination."

— New designer Antonio Azzuolo on the worst fashion faux pas a guy can make

Sienna's Style

Yesterday I confessed that I'm obsessed with the Olsens. Well, another style obsession of mine is Sienna Miller, and I was beyond thrilled when I opened up WhoWhatWear today to see a profile of her summer outfits. I saw her up close recently, and yes, she is this effortlessly glamorous in person. If only we could all be so blessed.


Olsen Obsessed

Confession: I'm obsessed with the Olsen twins. They've had me hooked since the Full House days, and yes, I'm still a loyal fan. I know that even on a good day, they look like they went shopping in a trash can, and I realize that they're certainly not Oscar contenders in the acting arena, but they're just so...cool.
This article in yesterday's Style section of the New York Times cemented my love for them. Their high-end collection, The Row, is the very definition of 'simply perfect.' Nice to know that "beleagured retailers" can't help but gush over them as well.


In Quotes

"I don’t always recognise [my style] because if you ask me what my style is, I’m really not that sure. Really. It wasn’t until I started to work for Gucci in the Nineties that it started to become clear to me. And that’s because Tom Ford was pushing me to do the dark eye make-up, to wear high heels and to keep things very simple and lean."

— French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld on her signature style

Crazy for Wang

W Magazine did an interview with the amazingly talented Alexander Wang. Some highlights:

- he really considers himself "a Nineties kid" and admits to being inspired by Saved by the Bell
- his look now is t-shirt-and-black-jeans style, quite simple
- he names shoes after models and purses after TV show characters

Could this guy be any cooler? I think not.


Savings at Starbucks

A self-proclaimed Starbucks addict, I'm always looking for the best deals at my favorite coffee chain. Today I watched a fabulous and informative slideshow on the many ways to save at Starbucks, all while satiating your coffee craving.

A fun fact that the slideshow omitted: Starbucks has a "short" size. Yes, a size smaller than tall. They don't advertise it but will be happy to oblige if you order one. Your wallet (and your calorie counter) will thank you.

[via Savvy Sugar]

In Quotes

"You could buy a lipstick."
— Anna Wintour on how to be fashionable on a $20 budget


The Devil Does Wear Prada

You know you're a big deal when the New York Times writes an op-ed about you. Just in case anyone on the fashion planet didn't think Anna Wintour was Queen of the World, here's Maureen Dowd's article to reaffirm it. Also, look out for Anna on Letterman tonight.

[via NYT]

Fashion Fail

New York Magazine predicted the 5 biggest trends for the fall this morning, and they all look pretty heinous to me. Adirondack details? Mohawks? So not my thing.

[via NYMag]



Every girl needs a transition shoe, the one that'll cover you in the layover weeks between August heat and November rain. The best kind of shoe is all-purpose: classy enough for your day job, trendy enough for a night out. This YSL T-strap, to me, is just that.

Retailing for $895 at Barneys.


My Boyfriend's Back

Everyone knows fall is the time to break out the blazers, and this fall, boyfriend blazers are the way to go. Don't feel like breaking the bank on Elizabeth & James or Alexander Wang? Grab this adorable one for $195 at Topshop. Great boyfriend look on the outside, girly pink lining on the inside. You're definitely getting the best of both worlds.

[via Topshop]

Sweet Kicks

DJ Mark Ronson's sneaker collaboration with Gucci was, well, a shock to many of us. The man has personal style, yes, but good enough for Gucci...really? The results hit stores this fall, so we'll see how it went. In the meantime, get your credit cards ready. Ronson himself admits these kicks won't come cheap:

"I think mine are the cheapest in the shop, I’ll say that. I think they’re maybe $500 or something," he said. "I know it’s a fucking credit crunch, but I think the other ones go for more."

[via The Cut]


Zoe Obsessed

I feel like Rachel Zoe has gotten more press in the past few weeks than ever before, and that's really saying something. I was about to give kudos to her publicist, but really, kudos for self-publicizing. Her shoe collection alone deserves its own publicist, or its own country...

Zoe's answers in the HuffPo interview are fairly unoriginal, but I did like the fun facts at the end — especially that she's obsessed with Warren Buffet. (Random?)
Anyway, I'm impressed that this woman has made herself into an entire brand! I may even check out her show's second season this fall.

[via HuffPo]

Fall in Love

What is it about fall fashion that makes us fall in love? The Sartorialist wondered this today, posting a gorgeous photo of an Italian man in a wool suit.
Every August, as September issues hit the stands, I find myself counting down the days until mid-October, when it's chilly enough to break out the autumn scarves, booties, and trench coats. Then, of course, winter rolls around, and suddenly I'm wishing for sunshine and summertime.


Wrinkle Worries

The New York Times published an article today about anti-aging products being targeted at 20-somethings. Of course, I read this story just after coming home from several hours of poolside tanning, but hey, at least I'm giving the wrinkle solutions some thought. The best part: early prevention/treatment is affordable. According to NYC dermatologist Dr. Day, "I often send my 20-somethings to the drugstore where there are plenty of affordable products with SPFs, retinol, peptides, vitamin C and a pro-vitamin B."

In Quotes

"Walking. I just spent loads of money on a pair of studded Prada brogues and my justification was that my shoes are my car."

— Henry Holland on his favorite mode of transport

Driver's Test

In case you didn't already know, today is a 24-hour crackdown on drivers using cell phones by the NYPD. So if you're texting while at the wheel, do yourself (and the city's drivers) a favor and stop. Please and thank you.


Remember when I talked about my love for hobos earlier in the week? Well, the love continues. At $198, this Betsey Johnson purse is considerably cheaper than than the Burberry bag I profiled before, and bears a striking resemblance to the Valentino bow bags that are all over Saks right now. So what do you say — are you daring enough to try a plaid handbag?


Crew Colors

J.Crew just joined the ranks of some of couture houses like Chanel by releasing its own nail polish colors. Unlike YSL et al, J.Crew's polishes are not made in-house but rather are being done in collaboration with polish power player Essie. The duo — One of a Kind and Eternal Optimist — are as happy and beautiful as their names suggest. Bonus: costs well under $10.

The Zoe Report

In an enlightening new interview, fashion crazy Rachel Zoe:
- admits she needs "to develop an edit button" for the things that come out of her mouth
- confesses fashion has felt the repercussions of the down economy
- reveals she "finds herself recycling" what's in her closet

[via WWD]

Socks + Sandals

Just read a semi-informative post on Refinery29 entitled "How to Wear Socks and Sandals Without Looking Like a Dweeb." Still not convinced that this look would actually flatter anyone, or make them look sane for that matter, but if you're into it, check out the instructions for sound advice.


Best of September

During my (unbearably hot) trip into the city today, I discovered that the September issues of magazines have hit newsstands! They're definitely on the skinnier side, especially compared to a few years ago, but quality over quantity, right? And the quality's been great. Some highlights:

- Favorite cover, Vogue aside, goes the Leighton Meester for Harper's Bazaar. Not a fan of the digital aging they did for her spread, but the cover looks effortless, glamorous, and ready for fall.
- The best fall fashion guide, hands down, goes to Elle. I think they provided something like 600 different looks!
- Vanity Fair's annual Best Dressed list included some questionable people (Renee Zellweger, seriously?) but I feel like it's gotten so much press in recent days that I don't need to discuss it. Who else has made it a life goal to make it onto that list?
- Glamour put Jessica Simpson on the cover, cashing in on her tabloid popularity in recent weeks. I actually didn't buy the issue because I didn't like her as a cover girl. Likable she may be, but fashion icon she is not.
- Love the Marie Claire profile of Alexa Chung as the "Queen of Cool." I was in the audience of her live show today and yes, she really is that cool in person!
- And after a sneak peak onto the magazine's website, it looks like Amanda Seyfried will rock the Allure cover. She seems an unlikely choice, but the photos do speak for themselves.
- Sidenote: suprised that Diane Kruger isn't on any September covers, given the praise of Inglorious Basterds and how generally pretty and stylish she is! Maybe next time.


In Quotes

"Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself."

— Oscar de la Renta on the difference between fashion and style


Preppy Television

One of my absolute favorite Sunday traditions is waking up to the New York Times. After front page, I typically head straight for the Style section, but an op-ed caught my eye today. The piece was written by Frank Rich, whose column I don't typically read, but it's about Mad Men.
I feel like this is a show that's gotten a lot of great coverage, but I don't actually know anyone who watches it. Coincidentally, I also read the Vanity Fair feature on January Jones (the female lead in "Mad Men") last night, and am now convinced that it's a sign that I should watch the Season 3 premiere on Sunday night. If nothing else, the cast dresses in the cutest, preppiest clothes.

And speaking of watching preppies, The Preppy Life blog had a great list of the Top 10 Preppiest Movies. I'm not sure Clueless counts as a preppy film, but let's agree to disagree.


I'm a sucker for hobos of any shape and color, but this Burberry Degrade Leather one is just perfect for fall. Patterned but subtle, it's the perfect grab-it-and-go purse.

Retailing for $1795 at Neiman's.


In Quotes

"They're like Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in a Lethal Weapon movie, only British, female, and very nicely dressed. Their belief in fashion's artistry and power is infectious."
Vanity Fair writer Bruce Handy discussing the relationship between Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington in the upcoming documentary The September Issue

Miss Univers-ity

Just came home from a vacation at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, which, as some pageant lovers may know, is hosting the Miss Universe competition next weekend. The beauty queens moved into the hotel a few days ago, and after some encounters at the beach and restaurants, I can assure you that they're no more beautiful than the typical sorority girl. Of course they're pretty, but not exceptional.
What I did hear about, however, that interested me was that many of them are much more educated than contestants in years past. The media reported that more and more of them are college educated, and oftentimes girls enter these contests because the prizes pay for their education. Beauty and brains? Cheers to that!


All for Polyvore

A trend-setting friend at work introduced me to this site called Polyvore, and now I'm absolutely in love. You can make these great fashion collages (sounds cheesy, but it's cool, I swear). It promises to be popular among fashionistas, art students, and designers alike. My first attempt wasn't as remarkable as I'd hoped, but some of the "featured" pieces on the site are quite amazing. Plus NYT wrote about the trend a week or two ago -- looks like it's really catching on! Speaking of catching on, I'm wondering whether the Zoe Report is all it's cracked up today. Do I really need that, Daily Candy, and GOOP in my inbox every morning?


In Vogue

Just saw the leaked cover of the September Vogue...Charlize Theron is on the cover! As expected, she looks gorgeous, and the issue is expected to be a stunner. I've loved her ever since Sweet November and The Devil's Advocate, but she's really become a fashion icon as well these past few years. Can't wait to read the much-awaited issue and see The September Issue next month!

[via NYMag]