The Bold and the Beautiful

I always feel like beauty is an often-ignored aspect of Fashion Week. After all, you're so busy gaping at fabulous materials, cuts, and colors of clothes that nobody has time to check out the eyeliner or the chignon. W Magazine did a great little round-up of the best beauty trends from NYFW. My favorite is the white eyeliner — crazy, but I'm dying to try it! Check out the rest here.


  1. I really like white eyeliner, but I've found it's hard to perfect it on your own (at least for me). So much cuter than that horrible, tacky Avril Lavigne / Amy Winehouse liner... ugh.

  2. Anna looks great with the white eyeliner! I think some people would definitely take notice in the eyeliner or the chignon because good makeup/styling can really make the outfit stronger.