Preppy Television

One of my absolute favorite Sunday traditions is waking up to the New York Times. After front page, I typically head straight for the Style section, but an op-ed caught my eye today. The piece was written by Frank Rich, whose column I don't typically read, but it's about Mad Men.
I feel like this is a show that's gotten a lot of great coverage, but I don't actually know anyone who watches it. Coincidentally, I also read the Vanity Fair feature on January Jones (the female lead in "Mad Men") last night, and am now convinced that it's a sign that I should watch the Season 3 premiere on Sunday night. If nothing else, the cast dresses in the cutest, preppiest clothes.

And speaking of watching preppies, The Preppy Life blog had a great list of the Top 10 Preppiest Movies. I'm not sure Clueless counts as a preppy film, but let's agree to disagree.

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  1. Deal. Thanks for the mention! I tried watching Mad Men, it is hard to watch as a modern day-feminist, kind of reminds me why I left the corporate world.