Best of September

During my (unbearably hot) trip into the city today, I discovered that the September issues of magazines have hit newsstands! They're definitely on the skinnier side, especially compared to a few years ago, but quality over quantity, right? And the quality's been great. Some highlights:

- Favorite cover, Vogue aside, goes the Leighton Meester for Harper's Bazaar. Not a fan of the digital aging they did for her spread, but the cover looks effortless, glamorous, and ready for fall.
- The best fall fashion guide, hands down, goes to Elle. I think they provided something like 600 different looks!
- Vanity Fair's annual Best Dressed list included some questionable people (Renee Zellweger, seriously?) but I feel like it's gotten so much press in recent days that I don't need to discuss it. Who else has made it a life goal to make it onto that list?
- Glamour put Jessica Simpson on the cover, cashing in on her tabloid popularity in recent weeks. I actually didn't buy the issue because I didn't like her as a cover girl. Likable she may be, but fashion icon she is not.
- Love the Marie Claire profile of Alexa Chung as the "Queen of Cool." I was in the audience of her live show today and yes, she really is that cool in person!
- And after a sneak peak onto the magazine's website, it looks like Amanda Seyfried will rock the Allure cover. She seems an unlikely choice, but the photos do speak for themselves.
- Sidenote: suprised that Diane Kruger isn't on any September covers, given the praise of Inglorious Basterds and how generally pretty and stylish she is! Maybe next time.

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